#Copygram Week Six

Holy guacamole! Copygram is on week six?! Damn skippy it is. But don’t sweat the technique.


Flying Pigeon


Fountain Beats


Mirror Mirror


The Killers


On the Waterfront


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#Copygram Week Five

Do it, do it, it’s the copygram, do it, do it, it’s the copygram, do it, do it, it’s the copygram – YEAH!






Street Graffiti




Deteriorating Subway Poster


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Put Your Back On Me

The Killers

In “Read My Mind” The Killers command “put your back on me,” and at this point, this is a call to the whole of rock ‘n roll. When was the last time you went to a rock show with laser lights, smoke, sparks, confetti – the whole nine yards? My guess is your answer is “Luke, it has been too long.”

The Killers MSG

That is The Killers. Down and dirty is great – rock was born in down and dirty from garages to dives, but an important part of rock was the evolution to ballrooms to arenas to stadiums. At some point, we lost touch with the fantastic spectacle and majesty of “shows” performed with blazing guitars and stage tricks. No surprise it takes a band for Las Vegas to remind us of the fun and glamour rock can offer. While this photo is exaggerated due to my seat and lack of iPhone, I still love it.

Prior to The Killers performance at Madison Square Garden, I wasn’t feeling prepared. It was a Tuesday night, I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear loud music and deal with crowds, and I honestly had my doubts about the band. And then, just like that, I was so happy I was there, as well as disappointed for ever doubting I should have been anywhere else. With all lights fully up, and “Eminence Front” blasting, The Killers took the stage and launched into “Mr. Brightside” like a Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain at Little Round Top.

The Killers Mr Brightside

That is how you make an entrance, and from there, it was on. It got awesomer and awesomer as the sparks flew, Brandon Flowers danced the entire stage, rhythm was dropped and Dave Keuning flew.

It is OK to like The Killers. Really, it is. It is OK to like hearing music with thousands of fans in arenas, all of you singing along and dancing. It is OK, trust me. You can try to be cool and want to be cool and make these intentions known. And it is OK to age and feel silly, it really, honestly is. It is OK to have fun listening to music.

If the band can no longer connect with you, that is when you ditch them, whether it is in an arena or a club. But if they still make you feel good, and like it is only you and them, then keep taking that ride. Enjoy yourself and the lasers and the sparks and the confetti, and enjoy your life. Smile like you mean it.

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#Copygram Week Four

I know you are excited for week four of the Copygram game! Me and Between Mediums absolutely love this week. Some very clever challenges and interpretations – I would say our best yet! But don’t take our word for it, check it out.


Kiosk Paparazzi


The NY Bicycle




Krunk. Yawn.


Popeye the Sailor Man


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Singing Happy Birthday to Bono, Again

Bono-bono-5570602-404-500Today is Bono’s 53rd birthday, which means it is 12 years and a day since I first saw U2 in Milwaukee at the Bradley Center. It was a formidable moment in my young life, and at that point, U2 was my favorite band in the world. I grew up in a house where my mom played vinyl copies of The Joshua Tree and Rattle and Hum nonstop, and when I was old enough to get a copy of Acthung Baby, my mind was blown.

May 9, 2001 was a day before Bono’s 41st. It was a show. Bono being Bono, twice led us in Happy Birthday for himself. I’ve seen U2 a few times since, but none will compare to my first show, when I was the perfect age to engage with Bono and the bands supreme sense of belief.

Here is a U2 playlist for your enjoyment on aka Paul Hewson’s birthday.

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Frank Says Dig

My buddy Frank Turner released a new video today for his song “The Way I Tend to Be” off of his latest album, Tape Deck Heart.

I already loved the song completely, and I absolutely love this video. This comes off as a much more personal album than Frank has done in the past, and this appears to be
a very personal video, too. Visually it is unique, interesting and makes you think – especially if you know the lyrics and start comparing them with what is going on on screen. Both the song and video really hit me. With “Plain Sailing Weather,” it is a landmark music moment. I’ve dug plenty of holes in my life with the way I tend to be, and there are a few I’m still working to climb out of.

Couple other quick thoughts: Love the New York City hot dog cart. And the blond girl, excellent how she calls “Hey” to Frank and later holds up the rope when he climbs out.

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#Copygram Week Three

Copygram is moving right along with Between Mediums! Partner up and get going!


Ridin’ the Rails


Stop Sunset


Rain Man


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Release for George Jones


When the legendary George Jones passed away on April 26, I was tweeting back and forth with a friend and one of my first tweets addressed my hope that The Possum was finally released from his honky-tonk prison.

Jones wrote sad, sad songs. He wrote great songs, and he had a voice that will never be duplicated (though country singers continue to try). He could tell us about heartbreak, heartache and pain like no other. The difficulty was discerning between how much of what Jones delivered was merely creative imagination and how much was taken directly from his own life. The man battled and fought through relationships and marriage, substance abuse – particularly alcohol – and nothing ever seemed to come easy.

I have a hard time listening to George Jones. Or let me rephrase that, I have a hard time listening to a lot of George Jones. Despite his greatness, the man’s music is so goddamn sorrowful and mouthful and troubled. That isn’t to say Jones didn’t have hits and tunes that were upbeat and fun, but he was more connected to the dejected.

But no matter what, he was still a legend, and as Waylon said, “If we all could sound like we wanted to, we’d all sound like George Jones.” There is a Nashville concert scheduled for George Jones on November 22, and it will go on as planned but as a tribute show. I’m sure it will be a joyful celebration with George looking down feeling free and full of happiness for all he has given us – the cheer from the pain.

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Happy Birthday, James Brown

James Brown

If still alive (and likely still smoking embalming fluid and tobacco) today would be James Brown’s 80th birthday. I agree, it does seem like he should be a lot older. But the Godfather of Soul’s lifestyle definitely aged him at an exponential level, so even getting to 73 is surprising.

In his honor, please enjoy this playlist. James cut a ton of songs, plus with the hundreds of compilations, it can be overwhelming to find the best tunes. A little James Brown can go a long way, and these are my personal favorites, which I think are just enough. Get up and get down!

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#Copygram Week Two

The moment you have been waiting for, the unveiling of #Copygram week two with the astounding Between Mediums. I love these photos and believe you will too!


The NYC Bird


In The Sun

Copygram#9_InTheSunNYC Garbage

Copygram#10_GarbageLitter Only

Copygram#11_LitterOnlyNight LightsCopygram#12_NightLightsWatch Out For Hop Ons

Copygram#13_HopOnsWhich Way to the Airport?


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